• Meeting Global Demand for Floating Wind Hulls: A New Generation of Concrete Floating Wind Turbines

    Thursday, Oct 17, 2024

    Our ability to meet the projected demand for floating offshore wind hulls requires a broader look at hull materials, industrial production capacity, and port requirements. This webinar will address diversifying the hull supply chain by considering concrete hulls in addition to steel hulls. This will enhance our ability to meet national and global climate goals, achieve our deployment targets, drive costs down, and create new local supply chains and jobs. The presentation will describe the evolution of concrete hull technologies from semisubmersibles to spars, to the new generation of efficient damped barge systems, and how concrete hulls scale for 15-25MW turbines.

    Oceantic Network’s new monthly Research + Innovation Webinar Series features the latest research in offshore wind and ocean renewables. Network members will share updates on groundbreaking technologies, scientific advancements, and technical insights from around the globe that can be directly applied to project development and industry growth. Our goal is to unpack the intricacies of emergent issues, diving into the details that matter most to those at the forefront of the industry.