• What an Event Attendee Wants

    Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

    Have you ever wanted to get inside the minds of your audience? What do they really think about events? How far will they travel, what are they willing to pay, and how do they envision the ideal event?

    We had those same questions, and we decided to get the answers. We’ve teamed up with Hanover Research to survey 1000+ conference attendees, uncovering their unfiltered thoughts about the events they attend.


    Join our webinar to learn what these attendees said about: 

    • In-Person vs. Virtual Sentiments: Gain valuable insights into attendee preferences and sentiments regarding in-person and virtual conferences. Use this knowledge to tailor your event format effectively.
    • Motivators and Event Excellence: Explore the key motivators driving attendance and get actionable tips to ensure your event exceeds expectations, making it a must-attend.
    • Addressing Unmet Needs: Identify unmet attendee needs and learn innovative ways to leverage event technology to conquer these challenges.


    By the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to use these new insights to create events that have your attendees singing in their best Christina Aguilera voice:

    What an attendee wants, what an attendee needs,

    Events that make me happy are the key,

    And I’m thanking you for knowing exactly,

    What an attendee wants, what an attendee needs!