• Spot freight: optimized and accelerated

    Tuesday, Jun 25, 2024

    To navigate the volatile spot market, carriers must be equipped with real-time knowledge and automated tools to move fast and make informed decisions. Traditionally, carriers turned to fragmented online and offline resources to find and book freight. Limited visibility, time-consuming searches, and disjointed communication led to inefficiencies and hindering carriers' ability to react quickly and make optimal decisions. 


    But with the right technology, carriers can make better and faster decisions, save time and expand their business. That is why Uber Freight built Uber Freight Exchange: Spot. Join our Tech Talk to learn: 


    • The latest shifts in market conditions and processes that add challenges to moving freight consistently 
    • How carriers have unlocked more spot freight opportunities with the automation and technology 
    • How carriers of all sizes can optimize and accelerate their business with Uber Freight Exchange: Spot