• How to Analyze Your Card Payment Processing Cost, Presented by Glenbrook Partners

    Wednesday, Jun 5, 2024

    This webinar will teach you the basics of analyzing your card payment processing costs. The webinar will begin with a review of card system stakeholder economics. We will then review the four major fee categories commonly found in card networks: Processing Fees, Service Fees, Behavioral Fees, and Penalties.

    From there, we will discuss the data required to analyze card processing costs, where that data comes from, and how data differs from one provider to the next. We will conclude with some observations on how these components influence your overall transaction processing costs with insights from Patrick Presto, Director of Product, Payments & Subscription Platform at The New York Times.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn the basic card processing economics for stakeholders in the card value chain
    • Learn the main components of card transaction processing costs
    • Understand the data available from payment service providers and how it may differ from one provider to another, and from one network to another
    • Have a basic understanding of what components a merchant can control to manage costs, and those that are not controllable


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