• Digging Deeper: Surfacing Your Best Cvent Reports

    Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023

    Are you struggling to measure the success of your events and demonstrate their value to your stakeholders? Join us for our upcoming live demo where we will show you how to track attendee engagements within Cvent using reporting tools and Attendee Hub. During this live demo, our experts will: 


    • Guide you through the process of using event-focused reporting pre-, during, and post-event to measure attendee engagement levels. 
    • Demonstrate how to access a programmatic cross-event report through a single access portal, which will allow you to compare engagement levels across multiple events. 
    • Showcase the benefits of using Cvent's Attendee Hub for engagement scoring. We will show you how to use this data to identify key attendees and measure the overall success of your event program. 


    By attending this live demo webinar, you will not only learn how to measure the success of your events, but you will also gain valuable knowledge that can help you advance in your career. Being able to demonstrate the value of your event programs to stakeholders can help you get a seat at the table and become a valuable asset to your organization. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about tracking attendee engagements within Cvent through a live demo. Sign up for our webinar today and get ready to take your event programs to the next level!