• Making Event Magic: How to Wow Your Members, Donors, and Partners

    Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023

    Calling all association and non-profit professionals!


    We understand that the success of your event depends on collaborating with a wide variety of stakeholders, managing multiple tasks, and engaging with diverse groups - members, donors, volunteers, sponsors, and exhibitors – and the list continues!


    Come find out how to leverage your event technology to turn the tide on the volume of tasks you face and the groups you engage with during part one of this two-part webinar series. Our first webinar focused on enhancing the event experience for all of the parties you collaborate with outside of your organization. We’ll cover real-world scenarios and provide solutions to many of the challenges you’re facing when it comes to:


    • Driving engagement and fostering a sense of community for your members and donors
    • Building efficient registration and in-person check-in experiences for attendees
    • Facilitating effective fundraising ticketing & pricing
    • Providing efficient training for volunteers
    • Building sponsorship and exhibitor packages with attributable ROI
    • Connecting partners with key audiences
    • Delighting audiences by demonstrating your organization’s commitment to sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and accessibility