• Wednesday, Apr 17, 2024

    Do you have what it takes? 

    MISSION: In a whirlwind virtual race around the world, be the first to find mission-critical alerts on threats to your organization and destroy those threats with automation and your razor-sharp threat investigation skills. 

    OBJECTIVE: Visit and secure global destinations in a breakneck 60 minutes during this fun and interactive investigation and response capture the flag event featuring Cortex™ XSOAR. 

    Join the mission and you’ll: 

    • Race opponents to find mission-critical security incidents and capture territories 
    • Identify malicious actors and leverage automation to block their attacks 
    • Fine-tune your incident response automation skills using Cortex XSOAR 


    We’re looking for security analysts of all experience levels to shut down attacks and compete for glory. All security operations pros, incident responders and threat hunters are invited to play and get firsthand experience with Cortex XSOAR. 

    Flex your investigation and threat analyst skills while you see what Cortex XSOAR can do for you and your SOC. 

    Win Capture the Flag for a chance to win a $150.00 Amazon eGift Card! 

    Spots are limited. Please contact marketing_operations@onec1.com if you are interested in the event and registration is full. 

    Amazon eGift Cards will be sent to the first three (3) registrants to complete the Cortex XSOAR Capture the Flag event held on April 17th, 2024. First prize is $150, second prize is $100, and third prize is $50. Eligible registrants may receive only one Gift Card.