• The Growth Dilemma: How to Fuel Global Growth While Controlling Payment Costs, Presented by Rapyd

    Wednesday, May 8, 2024

    Not understanding the true costs of payments can undermine your global business strategy and cost you big time. Even seasoned professionals find it challenging to determine the actual costs of their existing payment flows, with many fees missed simply because they are unknown, underestimated or undisclosed. Despite these challenges, establishing a collaborative partnership with your payment provider gives you more tools to unlock hidden savings and optimize growth.

    Connect with industry experts to navigate the intricacies of interchange, scheme fees, and pricing regulations. This session aims to streamline your decision-making process, offering insights into acquiring models and integration strategies to optimize your business's efficiency.

    Here are key takeaways you’ll gain from attending:

    • Reduce cost uncertainty: Gain a clear understanding of interchange fees, scheme fees, and pricing models to optimize your margins. 
    • Simplify local & global complexities: Learn how to optimize costs for local, intra-region, and cross-border transactions. 
    • Perfect your tech stack: Get tips on how the right integrations can help you reach new buyers and improve conversion rates while not hurting your revenue. 
    • Maximize profitability: Gain valuable insights to improve your treasury management through flexible settlement, reduce operational expenses, and, ultimately, boost your profits.