• Optimizing Export Cable Routing Using GIS Environmental Heat Maps: Case Study in Carolina Long Bay

    Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

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    Optimizing export cable routing using GIS-based environmental heat maps: a case study from Carolina Long Bay, NC 

    A key challenge associated with offshore wind is optimal routing and installation of subsea power (export) cables, which transmit electricity from the main offshore wind energy area to a land-based station. By traversing a vast extent of the seafloor, the installation and operational phases of subsea power cables have the potential to result in a range of environmental impacts, which may negatively impact sensitive biological, physical, and human and/or cultural resource receptors.  

    This webinar will present is a case study from the recently leased Carolina Long Bay offshore wind farm to identify optimal seabed cable routes and coastal landfalls by using a combination of publicly available data, coupled with standard environmental impact assessment methodologies and GIS-based modeling and heat maps. The study identified a range of high-risk areas, in addition to potential low-risk routes and landfall areas which minimize seabed user conflicts and impacts on environmentally sensitive locations. Although additional high resolution and site specific environmental, geological, and biological surveys are required to develop a robust cable installation plan, the preliminary findings from this research optimizes early phase marine spatial planning for offshore wind projects and other similar subsea industries. 

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