• "Illuminating Third-Party Identity Governance" - The Grand Blueprint...

    Thursday, Mar 14, 2024

     The Grand Blueprint: "Illuminating the Third-Party Identity Governance Framework"

    Embark on a transformative journey as we explore the "Why," "What," and "How" of Third-Party Identity Governance. Discover the imperative of securing third-party identities and unveil a comprehensive framework to fortify your organization's digital ecosystem. Join us in this groundbreaking webinar series, presented by Clango and SailPoint, designed to empower CIOs, CISOs, IT department heads, IAM and identity teams, and business units interested in navigating the evolving landscape of Third-Party Identity Governance.


    Why am I attending this webinar?

    • Gain a profound understanding of the overarching framework for Third-Party Identity Governance.
    • Uncover the strategic importance of securing third-party identities in the modern digital landscape.
    • Establish a foundational knowledge base to drive effective decision-making and risk mitigation.


    Why Non-Employee Governance?

    • Explore the necessity of embracing Non-Employee Identity Governance in safeguarding your organization against evolving cyber threats.
    • Recognize  the unique challenges and opportunities presented by third-party identities in today's interconnected business environment.
    • Understand the critical role of a comprehensive identity governance framework in ensuring resilience and compliance.
    • Equip yourself with insights to articulate the "Why" to key stakeholders within your organization.


    Join us in this enlightening webinar series, where industry experts and thought leaders converge to illuminate the path to effective Third-Party Identity Governance. Secure your seat now and become a pioneer in navigating the complex landscape of Non-Employee Identity Governance.


    Upcoming Webinars:

    April 4, 2024: "Riding the Wave: A Deep Dive into Fortifying Third-Party Identity Portals"

    • Dive deep into practical strategies for enhancing the security of third-party identity portals.
    • Acquire actionable insights to optimize the functionality of identity access management in your organization.
    • Explore real-world case studies and industry best practices for mitigating risks associated with third-party identity portals.
    • Identify key trends and emerging technologies shaping the future of identity governance.
    • Develop a roadmap for implementing effective security measures within your organization's third-party identity portals.
    • Equip yourself with the knowledge to articulate the tangible benefits of Non-Employee Identity in safeguarding digital ecosystems.

    May 2, 2024: "Architects of Trust: Crafting Your Unique Third-Party Identity Symphony"

    • Learn how to craft a tailored, organization-specific approach to Third-Party Identity Governance.
    • Explore advanced strategies for orchestrating a cohesive and secure identity symphony within your business ecosystem.
    • Understand the customizable nature of Non-Employee Identity Governance and its adaptability to diverse organizational structures.
    • Discover how Non-Employee Identity Governance can act as a strategic enabler for building and maintaining trust in third-party relationships.
    • Acquire the skills to design and implement a unique Third-Party Identity Governance strategy aligned with your organization's goals.
    • Position yourself as a leader in shaping the future of identity governance within your industry.