• Building Memorable Product & Brand Experiences at User Conferences (Behind the Scenes with 6sense)

    Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024

    Dive into the heart of 6sense's user conference strategy with Bethany, who will share the inside story of transforming their event into a captivating product showcase that resonates deeply with attendees. This fireside chat will explore the nuanced art of blending impactful product demonstrations with the unique brand essence of 6sense, setting the stage for an unforgettable conference experience in the competitive tech arena.

    Bethany will unveil how 6sense masterfully combines product education with experiential branding, creating an environment where technology meets creativity, and where attendees—true brand champions—feel valued and engaged. Discover the secrets to balancing engaging activations with substantial product insights, adding local touches and exclusive extras that exceed expectations.

    Learn from 6sense's journey through collaborating with cross-functional teams, aligning diverse internal goals to deliver a cohesive and purpose-driven event. Understand the strategic shift in focusing on customer connection and product adoption at user conferences, and how this approach redefines ROI, emphasizing long-lasting customer relationships over immediate new business gains.