• Master the Maze of Change: How to Vet and Build Consensus for Your Association's Event Tech

    Tuesday, May 7, 2024

    Is the way you run your events slowing your teams down? Not sure where to start on finding a better solution to the status quo? Landon Cohen at the Institute of Internal Auditors had those same questions when he realized their association’s event tech couldn’t handle last-minute RSVPs from members and caused a wave of manual tasks for his team.

    As the Director of Learning Operations and Technology, he started by looking to fix one problem, but eventually saw how much of an impact the cohesion and event data from a comprehensive event platform would bring to his team’s operations. Then he brought this lightbulb moment to IIA leadership and learned a lot along the way about how to be an effective champion for change. Yet the results of his efforts were worth the time, energy, and risk. His small team at IIA has experienced better team morale and approval for higher headcount, faster internal reporting, and more influence as a strategic voice within the organization.

    Join Cvent and IIA as we share how you can go from wondering “what now?” when faced with tedious workarounds, to confidently answering “that’s how!” for a better event experience for you, your team, and your attendees.

    Key takeaways

    • Arm yourself with tips on how to navigate the vetting process as a busy event professional and how to advocate for your association’s needs.
    • Learn how to effectively communicate the value of a new tech solution to decision-makers across different departments – whether it’s IT, Education, or your Executive Director!
    • Be inspired by what you and your team can be capable of - when set up to succeed and empowered with the right processes and data.