• Concrete manhole protection and PREDL'S PMA Liner System

    Tuesday, Mar 5, 2024

    Join our FREE webinar on the PMA Manhole system, an innovative solution by PREDL Inc., where we delve into the world of advanced manhole technology. This comprehensive session is designed for professionals in the infrastructure and wastewater management sectors, offering a detailed exploration of modern manhole options and their importance in contemporary urban planning.

    Agenda Highlights:

    1. Current Manhole Options: We begin with an overview of the various manhole technologies available today, emphasizing the pros and cons of different systems in use.
    2. Why Line: This segment focuses on the crucial reasons for lining manholes, discussing the benefits such as increased durability, corrosion resistance, and overall system efficiency.
    3. The PMA Joint: A deep dive into the PMA Joint, an integral component of the PMA Manhole system. Learn about its design, functionality, and how it contributes to the system's overall effectiveness.
    4. The Baseliner: We explore the innovative baseliner technology used in PMA Manholes, highlighting its role in protecting and enhancing the structural integrity of manhole systems.
    5. Corprotect: An in-depth look at Corprotect, PREDL's unique solution for corrosion protection. Understand how this technology safeguards manhole risers against environmental and chemical damages.
    6. Case Study: A real-life case study of a successful PMA installation. This session will provide practical insights into the application, challenges, and impact of the PMA Manhole system in a real-world scenario.
    7. Q&A Session: Concluding with an interactive Q&A session, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain further clarity on specific aspects of the PMA Manhole system.

    Whether you're an industry veteran or new to the field, this webinar promises to enrich your understanding of modern manhole technologies and the incredible innovation of the PMA Manhole system. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the experts at PREDL Inc. and enhance your professional knowledge. Register now!