• A New Moving Surface Drag Model for Large Eddy Simulations of Offshore Wind Energy Applications

    Thursday, Sep 19, 2024

    This webinar will share an overview of a study that adopts a two-pronged approach, beginning with a technical review of the current state-of-the-art Floating Offshore Wind Technology (FOWT), drawing from a wide range of literature, industry reports, and guidelines. Building upon this foundation, the research introduces a simulation tool tailored for floating offshore wind deployment operations, designed to analyze and navigate the various phases of FOWT construction.  

    The tool pre-simulates planned installations, factoring in design specifications, weather conditions, and unique location attributes. The simulation aids in task scheduling, long-term installation potential projections, and determining project pacing needs, thereby informing future FOWT and infrastructure developments. The analysis delves into the nuanced interplay of FOWT design, scale, and environmental variables, highlighting the impact of location-specific metocean patterns on bottleneck installation tasks. The resulting analysis provides strategic insights for enhancing FOWT technology, emphasizing innovation and standardization in addressing dynamic installation challenges. This thesis aims to increase commercial viability and contribute to advancing FOWT projects. 

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