• Danone's Approach to Redefining Engagement in Benefits

    Tuesday, Jul 23, 2024

    Presented by apree health in collaboration with Danone.

    This exclusive event will feature insights from Urvashi Saigal, Head of Benefits Leader at Danone, discussing innovative engagement tactics, successes, and the impactful results achieved.

    During the session, we will dive into the engagement strategies employed by Danone, addressing the challenges they've overcome and the remarkable outcomes they've achieved.

    • Success in Registration: Discover how Danone boosted employee benefits engagement with an impressive 63% of employee households utilizing the navigation app in the first year.
    • Strategy Insights: Learn the strategies Urvashi implemented which lead to a major increase in employees getting their annual wellness visits and preventative care.
    • Impactful Results: Explore the tangible benefits of engagement initiatives, including an incredible increase of +895 applicants in the diabetes and hypertension partner program in 90 days.