• Balancing Access and Cost to GLP-1s: Solutions to address the rise in high-cost medications

    Tuesday, Jun 25, 2024

    At a time when healthcare costs are continuing to soar and the rate of obesity in the US has reached an alarming level, designing coverage for optimal health outcomes and financial sustainability is critical.

    Join Erica Hong, apree health’s Director of Clinical Programs to learn about how apree health is leveraging our clinical expertise from primary care to help with:

    • Coverage design for these medications in a manner that is financially sustainable yet ensures equitable access for those in need.
    • Effective and supportive healthcare strategies to address high-spend areas and long-term, effective weight management is critical.
    • Optimizing for long-term impacts and achieving greater health outcomes.

    apree health’s specialized medication management and weight loss program is tailored to meet the diverse needs of members, whether they are utilizing GLP-1s for weight management, managing Type 2 diabetes, or seeking alternatives after prescription denials.