• Trade Shows: Solutions and Strategies for 2024

    Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024

    Your organization may spend significant resources on a trade show program, but you may be unsure if you are truly maximizing ROI. With everything you need in one set of tools, Cvent's Trade Show Solutions, now consisting of Jifflenow and iCapture, provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed to make the most out of the events you attend. Automating meeting schedules, utilizing a single tool to capture leads, and seamlessly integrating leads with your tech stack are all important practices to set your team up for success.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:  

    • Maximize ROI under a tighter budget 
    • Get the right people to your booth at the right times 
    • Seamlessly pre-book meetings with customers and prospects 
    • Capture leads and insights in a unified, scalable, and meaningful way 
    • Report on the value of all the events you attend 

    We’re going to deep-dive into all of this so don't miss out on the potential to skyrocket your pipeline and revenue!